About SMU Arts Festival

SMU Arts Festival welcomes you to experience multitudes of art, made possible through collaboration and integration, as we come 2GETHER AS 1.

This year, SMU turns 21. And in coming-of-age fashion, we infuse 2 or more unexpected elements in each programme to create 1 festival of works of greater scale and emotional impact. The festival’s curation provides a platform for the arts community to rally together, and to express our desire for the world to emerge stronger 2GETHER AS 1 in this post-pandemic era.


Festival Director: Seah Wee Thye
Marketing and Publicity: Janice Low
Designer: Alison Poon
Sponsorship: Gloria Chee, Ng Yong Ming
Finance Secretary: Ng Yong Ming
Secretariat: Zhang Jingchao
Producer, 2hare Your Ideas: Wee E-Chiing, Christopher Goh

Technical Directors: Anthony Kok, Ng Yong Ming
Web and Media Technologies Division Head: Goh Wee Sen
Web and Media Technologies Division Team Lead:
Muhammad Nurazhan Bin Moin
Web User Experience Designer: Sherlyn Yap
Web Application Developer: Simon Yee
Video Producer (Animation): Hozea Ngoh

SMU Student Marketing Taskforce:
Gabrielle Ong Yue Ning
Gu Jiawen
Izaac Foo Tiang Chyi
Jasmine Tan Jia Min
Lim Zha Yu Vanessa
Lim Zu Er Joey
Loo Jie Yi Sheena
Goh Yi Shen
Poh Yeng Harn
Tan Min Hui

SMU Student Festival Photographers:
Andre Lim Pang Boon
Lee Jin Yang
Ruwan Lin Sadris
Yeo Fu Yu
Zhou Jinquan
Bae Moon Kyung


The programmes you have watched are a labour of love from over 300 youths over the last 8 months. They have come 2GETHER AS 1 to pursue their common passion in the arts, while juggling the commitments from other aspects of their lives. For some students, this includes shouldering financial difficulties during the pandemic. You can help ease their load by donating generously to SMU Resilience Fund, a university-wide effort established in 2020 to provide timely and much-needed relief for SMU students. We look forward to receiving your support during this festive season.

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