About A-PART 

A-PART is our first-ever online arts festival, organised as part of the university’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the midst of our nation’s Circuit Breaker, A-PART is a creative response to us being apart yet remain a part of this shared experience and our communities, told through 8 original works.   

The hyphenation in A-PART symbolises and emphasises an unprecedented period of forced isolation which clashes with our natural predisposition to socialise. A-PART also contains the word ‘ART’, to highlight the importance of art and entertainment to uplift the morale of a global stay-home audience.   

Each work in A-PART relates to the emotional impact that COVID-19 has had on mankind, and aims to convey empathy and hope while bridging space and time.  The unprecedented circumstances and production processes have inspired a new generation of SMU student artists to experiment and present art innovatively while harnessing the digital platform, with some works involving audience participation for a more immersive experience.    

Beyond bridging the artist and the audience, A-PART also has a social responsibility angle. Visitors to the Festival website can donate to the SMU Resilience Fund, which financially supports SMU students impacted by COVID-19. The Festival also provides opportunities for professionals in the art, design and digital media industries to mentor our students to bring quality work to you, at the touch of your screens.   

Extraordinary times and circumstances may test and attempt to tear us apart, but at the end of the day, we can count on the will of humanity to rise against the most fearful adversary. At SMU Arts Festival, we believe that art is a powerful tool to tide through adversity. Join us as we bring you our most personal and heartfelt collection of works on resilience, strength, warmth and courage, through a variety of art forms and deliveries. From our part of the world and from our hearts to yours, know that no matter where you are, because of art, we are and will remain nearer than  we are apart.  



Festival Director: Seah Wee Thye
Marketing and Publicity: Janice Low 
Designer: Alison Poon 
Sponsorship: Gloria Chee 
Finance Secretary: Ng Yong Ming
Secretariat: Zhang Jingchao 
Producer, PLAY A-PART: Koustav Basu Mallick 

Technical Director: Anthony Kok 
Web & Media Technologies Division Head: Goh Wee Sen
Web & Media Technologies Team Lead: Jim Chua
Video Producer: Hozea Ngoh
Web User Experience Designer: Sherlyn Yap
Web Application Developer: Simon Yee

Give Now

A-PART Supports The SMU Resilience Fund

All donations collected from the Festival will go towards providing bursaries at SMU to assist students impacted by COVID-19.