About SMU Arts Festival

Time is an ever-changing constant in a fast-paced world. In the midst of forging ahead, what we once remember and treasure are inevitably left behind, and slip into various degrees of obscurity. These could be lesser-known stories, vanishing traditions, or trailblazing trends which were once the talk of town.

For the 2022 edition of SMU Arts Festival, we want to revive, rediscover, and restage some of these momentous but fleeting narratives into relevant works of art that we hope will live on in your hearts, minds and conversations.

Join us from 2 Sep to 2 Oct as we inject some permanence into the transient, and delve into the duality of “Lost & Found”.


Festival Director: Seah Wee Thye

Marketing and Publicity: Janice Low, Japheth Ng

Designer: Alison Poon

Sponsorship: Christopher Goh

Ticketing: Japheth Ng, Zhang Jingchao

Finance Secretary: Ng Yong Ming

Secretariat: Christopher Goh, Zhang Jingchao

Technical Director: Anthony Kok

Web & Media Technologies Division Head: Goh Wee Sen

Web & Media Technologies Team Lead: Halif Saban

Web User Experience Designer: Sherlyn Yap

Web Application Developer: Simon Yee

Student Organising Committee

Marcomms Director: Chiong Wai Teng

Marcomms Deputy Director: Kek Jia Ling Jolene

Marcomms Deputy Director: Ong Yi Ying Cheryl

Sponsorship Director: Yap Xiu Hui Salin

Ticketing Director: Lim Zhi Yu

Ticketing Deputy Director: Sarah Tan Jia En

Human Resource Director: Glenda Ong Shi Hui