Digital music picturebook inspired by "Peter and the Wolf", with parallels to the pandemic



SMU Symphonia presents an allegorical digital music picturebook of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev, deconstructed to draw parallels to the pandemic with childlike whimsicality. Viewers will have the option of a read-through or a click-through experience as you follow Peter in his preparation of a long-awaited concert. Tragedy strikes with the unexpected arrival of the 'Wolf', leaving Peter's dreams crippled, his instruments crushed, and his friends taken away. As the situation turns grave, will Peter find a way to regain the joy in music he used to feel? 


SMU Symphonia

Established in 2003, SMU Symphonia has grown into a full-fledged wind band and strings ensemble, taking part in local events such as the Commonwealth Science Conference 2017 at the Istana. In 2018, the club journeyed to Japan to attend the 20th Conference of the Asia Pacific Band Directors’ Associations where they performed alongside bands from Korea, Australia, and many more. SMU Symphonia strives to emulate the values of Music, Friends, and Fun through their annual production – Festiva

About the Creative Director / Conductor

About the Creative Director / Conductor 

A recipient of the National Arts Council and National University of Singapore scholarship, Adrian Chiang attained his Master of Music degree at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with a major in conducting. Currently, he is the President of the Band Directors' Association (Singapore) and the General Manager of Resound Chamber Orchestra. He also directs numerous Wind Ensembles & Orchestras which consistently achieve the finest results and highest accolades in music festivals held locally and overseas. 



Recorder: Chan Yao Ying 
Oboe: Jasper Goh 
Flute: Lim Rui Qi 
Clarinet: Sng Chien-Yi Kennede, Tan Jia Yi, Toh Wei Xiang, Cheah Kai Wen Joellen 
Bassoon: Ler Jun Wei 
Alto Saxophone: Emily Lee Yun Fang 
Tenor Saxophone: Wong Hui Min 
Baritone Saxophone: Ivy Hau Jia Yi 
Trumpet: Soo Xin Yuan 
French Horn: Low Tzhii Leng Weslyn, Geraldine Lee Wen She, Simmranjeet Kaur Dhaliwal 
Trombone: Seow Wei Long, Dai Jingwen Annie, Tay Joon Young 
Euphonium: Soh Hui Min 
Tuba: Joshua Christopher Ngawing 
Violin: Teo Jie An Joseph, Tan Jing Yi Rei 
Viola: Loke E-Qen Julian 
Cello: Liu Mengru 
Percussion: Chong Jian Wen 

Creative Team 

Creative Director/Conductor: Adrian Chiang
Creative Leads: Seow Wei Long, Trisha Chua Zihui
Writer: Suffian Hakim 
Illustrator: Lai Huili 
Narrator: Joshua Lim 
Symphonia's 16th Executive Committee 

Production Team 

Producer: Zhang Jingchao
Tech Producer: Anthony Kok
Production House: Big 3 Media
Production Coordinators: Soh Hui Min, Joshua Christopher Ngawing, Liu Mengru
Secretary: Guo Li Jia
Finance Secretary: Ler Jun Wei, Tan Jia Yi
Marketing: Tan Pei Wien, Tan Jun Peng
Human Resources: Chan Yao Ying, Joellen Cheah Kai Wen
Logistics: Weslyn Low Tzhii Leng, Ong Zheng Jie
Library: Jess Tse Hoi Ying, Naomi Yeo Chiew Han
Sound Engineering: Poco Productions 

With Support From 

Advisors of SMU Symphonia: Professor Mark Chong, Professor Margaret Chan, Professor Saw Cheng Lim 




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