Virtual photo gallery featuring 20 alumni and students in the arts


SMUSAIC creates a virtual photo exhibition that pays tribute to SMU students over its 20-year history who have played an important role in shaping the arts scene in SMU, which in turn helped shape their current paths in the arts. These photos aim to capture the thoughts and feelings of each subject's journey as an artist, including how their arts paths had to change and adapt because of COVID-19. Visitors are invited to leave comments, which will appear progressively in the virtual room.

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Welcome to SMUSAIC’s PHASES. If you are viewing this on your phone, turn it to the landscape orientation and put on your headphones for a more immersive experience.

Upon entering our virtual gallery, there are little hotspots for you to access the photos and stories of 20 SMU arts personalities over SMU’s 20 years in the Singapore education landscape. The hotspots can be accessed in any order, and you can return to view any one any time you like. When you come to the end, leave your well-wishes or a memory of SMU in our comment section.

You can also play a part by participating in FORTITUDE IN FOCUS, within our PLAY A-PART section in this website. Inspired by PHASES, you are invited to submit a photo and story of someone who is a role model of resilience during COVID-19.




Founded in 2002, SMUSAIC is SMU’s very own community for aspiring photographers. The club organises a variety of photography workshops, competitions, exhibitions and photo walks all year round. Whether you are someone who is new to photography, someone who takes photos for the ‘gram’, or someone with prior experience in photography, SMUSAIC has the events and opportunities for you.



Hong Huazheng, who prefers to be called H, has a propensity for seeking beauty and the sublime in landscape untouched by civilisation. After graduating from SMU, H received his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, in partnership with Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. H was awarded the Patron of the Arts Awards twice by the National Arts Council for his contribution in the arts. As a SMUSAIC alumnus, he has come full circle with PHASES.


Photographers/ Interviewers

Chelsea Tan
Chelsea Tan
Daphne Kang
Daphne Kang
Daryl Tan
Daryl Tan
Joel Tan
Joel Tan
Jonathan Sim
Jonathan Sim
Lee Jin Yang
Lee Jin Yang
Lois Lek
Lois Lek
Zhou Jinquan
Zhou Jinquan

Photo Subjects 

Ang Cheng Wei, Arielle Wong, Bryan Kang, Cheung Ngaikay, Elvia Goh, Gillian Ong, Jamiel Said, Jasmine Teh, Johar Shokri Bin Jakfar Alkhatib, Jose Paolo Tambagan Boquiren, Joshua Lim, Jyot Bhalla, Kenny Khoo, Maanasa Sri Ganesh, Natalie Khoo, Ng Rui Jun, Nicholas Kong, Reuben Ong, Subastian Tan Bo Hern, Tabitha Gan

Creative Team 

Curator: Hong Huazheng 
Copywriters: Daphne Kang Hsiu Li, Lee Jin Yang 

Production Team 

Producer: Janice Low 
Tech Producer: Ng Yong Ming 
Production House: AUX Media Group and AP Media Asia

With Support From 

SMUSAIC would like to thank the following for recommending the names of SMU alumni who have contributed to SMU’s 20-year journey in moulding young lives. 

Vincent Tan, SMU Office of Alumni Relations 
SMU Broadcast and Entertainment 
SMU Caderas Latinas 
SMU Chamber Choir 
SMU Eurhythmix 
SMU Funk Movement 

SMU Guitarissimo 
SMU Indian Cultural Society 
SMU Samba Masala 
SMU Symphonia 




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