Stages of emotions in the pandemic, expressed in poems and contemporary dance

SMU Literati and SMU INDANCITY co-present a multi-disciplinary experience that combines the art of written words and contemporary dance. In this collaboration, SMU Literati has created 4 sets of poems, each exploring a stage of human emotion felt with the onset of COVID-19, from ‘Isolation’ to ‘Frustration’ to ‘Uncertainty’, and finally to ‘Hope’. Each stage is set against the backdrop of HDB blocks to symbolise the universality of these emotions through our communal living and collective experience. SMU INDANCITY took reference from either an individual stanza or a full poem, to express these emotions through the expansive language of dance.

There are 9 short dance videos (approx. 30 seconds each) in Block 1, 9 short dance videos (approx. 1 minute each) in Block 2, 1 full-length dance video (approx. 5 minutes) in Block 3 and 1 full-length dance video (approx. 7 minutes) in Block 4.

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SMU Literati

Formed by students with a common love for literature, SMU Literati promotes the expression of literature, in written and spoken form. The club offers a platform for like-minded enthusiasts to express themselves creatively. Through events like Evening of Poetry and Music, Literati aims to create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for writers, speakers and readers.


Founded in 2006, SMU INDANCITY is SMU’s official contemporary dance club. Under the guidance of artistic director Hong Guofeng and technique master Andy Cai, the club strives to uphold high standards of technique and professionalism. Besides its annual production – BEYOND, SMU INDANCITY is also regularly involved in school performances and holds classes for the public to encourage appreciation of the contemporary art form.



Hong Guofeng is the artistic director of Sigma Contemporary Dance and SMU INDANCITY. Many of his works have been showcased in local and international arts festivals, most recently Hong Kong Dance Exchange and Macau CDE Springboard. He teaches and creates based on the ongoing development of his movement and choreographic practices. He is particularly interested in working with bodies to convey ideas that are impossible to be articulated with words.



Block 1:  Martin Layar 
Block 2:  Ashley Wan Chun Sum, Nadira Dewita Putri, Nicholas Chng Wei Ming, Yeo Hui Min Stefanie
Block 3: Elijah Tan Haojie, Samantha Hui Wai Yee
Block 4:  Ahmed Chandani Gulzar, Dhriti Trehan, Martin Layar, Nadira Dewita Putri, Nicholas Chng Wei Ming,  Renald Loh You Shen, Samantha Hui Wai Yee, Zheng Xiwen (Cass) 


Block 1:  Bernice Ong Jingwen,  Chan Luo Qi, Chan Wei Qi, Chen Yiwen, Chia Yoon Su,  Clement Lau Yong Hao Drew Bridget Theseira, Fong Yi Ning, Julia, Phuong Hoang Linh   
Block 2:  Ang Sin Yu,  Ang Teng Shuen Jason, Chan Xin Yi Amanda, Claire Tan Sze Hui, Dickson Tan De Xuan,  Ginnette Mok Yung Yung, Jerald Heng Du San, Joel Ong Kai Yang, Luo Jiaxuan, Soh Zi Xin Clara, Tan Si Lei, Sherry, Veronica Lynette Fonseca 
Block 3: Ang Sin Yu, Ang Teng Shuen Jason, Chan Luo Qi, Chan Wei Qi, Cher Wen Hui Sarah, Chia Yoon Su, Drew Bridget Theseira, Fong Yi Ning, Julia, Jerald Heng Du San, Koon Tian Hui ,Phuong Hoang Linh
Block 4: Bernice Ong Jingwen, Chan Xin Yi Amanda, Chen Yiwen, Claire Tan Sze Hui, Clement Lau Yong Hao, Dickson Tan De Xuan, Joel Ong Kai Yang, Loh Jie Shuen Jeremy,  Soh Zi Xin Clara, Tan Si Lei, Sherry, Veronica Lynette Fonseca

Creative Team

Creative Director / Choreographer (Block 3): Hong Guofeng  
Choreographer (Block 1 & 4): Andy Benjamin Cai  
Choreographers (Block 2): Carrie Foong Cher Lin, Loh Jie Shuen Jeremy, Veronica Lynette Fonseca  
Choreographer (Block 4): Fiona Yeo  
Editors: Martin Layar, Samantha Hui Wai Yee, Ashley Wan Chun Sum, Ahmed Chandani Gulzar

Production Team

Producers: Zhang Jingchao, Japheth Ng  
Technical Producer: Anthony Kok
Video Editors (Block 1): Bernice Ong Jingwen, Chan Xin Yi Amanda, Drew Bridget Theseira, Phuong Hoang Linh, Yap Chong Han Marcus 
Videographers (Block 2): Donald Ong Hong Geng, Kirk Ang, Mandy Wong, Sheryl Leong
Video Editors (Block 2): Kirk Ang, Mandy Wong, Sheryl Leong
Video Editors (Block 3): Hong Guofeng
Production House (Block 3 & 4): AUX Media Group and AP Media Asia



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