'Vote-your-option' theatre on Zoom exploring the theme of privilege


1. Press play to start the show

2. Select full-screen mode for a full interactive experience

3. At certain junctures, select blue or red options to determine the show’s outcome



SMU StageIT presents an interactive online theatre experience that seeks to address sentiments about privilege – a topic of discussion during Circuit Breaker, Singapore’s semi-lockdown period during COVID-19. Come join us at 4 scheduled viewings, where you will be prompted to vote collectively at a few junctures to impact the outcome of the story.


How to play

In pursuit of a perfect summer internship, Ritu is facing some tough choices. Cheryl on the other hand, is torn between standing up for what is right, or keeping quiet. Lastly, Nadia is a 21-year-old taking on huge responsibilities. Is she ready to risk all that she has worked hard for?

Choices, choices, choices.

Right or Wrong?
A or B?

Why don’t you tell us? At each turn, you get to choose the characters’ path. When faced with a series of options, a click of the mouse decides the fate of the play. Ready? Go.



Mouse over or click (for mobile users) to find out more about each character


Hi, I’m Ritu. My parents say I’m really smart, and that I have a lot going for me. I’m my mom’s sun and stars, and my daddy’s little girl. I love dogs, tolerate cats, and my favourite colour is a light pink. I really enjoy meeting people and was voted, ‘Most Pleasant’ at prom.  

Q. Rapid fire round  
(1) What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done recently? 
A. Download tiktok  
(2) Your current favourite song? 
A.  Supalonely, the one from Tiktok. Hahaha not that I would know, I THINK it’s from tiktok.  
(3) What’s more important to you, paying the bills, or making a difference?  
A. Next question please.  


Hi, I’m Cheryl. You probably know me from Instagram, and if you don’t, you’re missing out. My friends say I’m like Kim Kardashian. And that’s such a huge compliment. I mean say what you want, the girl’s a billionaire.  

Q. Two truths and a lie 
A1. I own 50 luxury purses.  
A2. I’ve travelled to over 49 cities and have a picture on my IG from each of them.  
A3. My life’s pretty perfect.  


Hi I’m Nadia. I’m the mom of the group. I also really enjoy reading up on how to invest and I think I’m getting really good at it. Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to start investing on my own. But for now, I’m going to keep on working.  

Q. A round of word association.  
Nadia: Wow so original, this is plagiarism you know? Nevermind, I keep forgetting, you haven't watched the show yet!  

It's an inside joke haha, watch the show, and you'll understand :) 


SMU StageIt

SMU StageIT is a platform for like-minded theatre makers to hone their talents in directing, acting, writing and producing. Passion is the radiating core that binds the team in pushing the boundaries of the conventional. Notable productions written and produced by the club include “Beyond The Line (2020)”, “The Internship (2019)” and “Misaligned (2018)”.

Tan Shou Chen


Tan Shou Chen is a well-known theatremaker who works frequently with new writing both as a director and performer. In addition to performance making, Shou Chen is also an educator, holding teaching positions in NUS and SUSS. UNMUTE is the third StageIT team he has mentored and he is extremely proud of them for navigating and responding to these fast changing times.



Mouli Bakshi as Ritu 
Farahna Alam as Nadia 
Ong Yu Huey, Ariel as Cheryl 
James Teng Hui Yong as Xavier 
Toh Jia Ze as Whang Min 
Tan Lay Wen as Cheryl’s Mom 

Creative Team  

Show Director: Michaela Leong 
Artistic Consultant & Dramaturg: Tan Shou Chen 
Script Writer: Maria Antony 
Technical Director: Anushree Narang 
Set Manager: Belle Phatcharanan 
Assistant Set Manager: Khushi Herchandani 

Production Team

Producer: Japheth Ng
Tech Producer: Gloria Chee
Production House: Captivate Production
Show Operators: Aux Media Group

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