15 September 2019, Sunday


7:30pm / 90min


SMU Hall @ School Of Law


$15 (OCBC FRANK Cardmembers)
$20 (General Admissions)

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Crosswinds乐知音is a collaborative concert between SMU Symphonia and SMU Chinese Orchestra. As a homage to their musical roots, both clubs will showcase their unique music, as well as explore commonalities by performing pieces from each other’s genres. They will also present tunes that celebrate the harmony and social integration between different racial groups in Singapore. The grand finale is a combined item that tells the Singapore story of how we rose above cultural differences and turbulent phases from days of yore to forge a common identity that makes us so uniquely Singaporean today.

About the Team

Ms Zhang Jingchao

Mr Adrian Chiang
Mr Heng Xiangle

Guest Artists:
Mr Lawrence Koh
Ms Syltra Lee

Festival Tech Producer:
Mr Anthony Kok

Marketing and Publicity:
Ms Janice Low

Ticketing Manager:
Ms Zhang Jingchao

SMU Chinese Orchestra
Since its inception in 2009, SMU Chinese Orchestra (SMUCO) strives to be a unique orchestra of excellence under the baton of Mr Quek Ling Kiong. The orchestra distinguishes itself through various cross-disciplinary works and creative programming. Other than its annual production, SMUCO has been actively involved in The Purple Symphony (TPS), Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra.

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SMU Symphonia
Established in 2003, SMU Symphonia has grown into a full-fledged wind and strings symphonic group, taking part in local and regional events such as the 20th Conference of the Asia and Pacific Band Directors' Association (Japan). SMU Symphonia strives to emulate the values of Music, Friends, and Fun through their annual productions – Festiva and Grandioso.

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Lawrence Koh
Lawrence is an international sand art virtuoso and multi-disciplinary artist specialised in both the visual art and the performing art. Utilising an awe-inspiring combination of sand, music and light, Lawrence has created countless stories as a sand artist during his local and international performances as well as prestigious events such as award ceremonies, official launch, grand opening, dinner & dance, festive celebrations, meetings, seminars and anniversary celebrations.

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Syltra Lee
Syltra Lee is an accomplished artiste from Singapore. Her vibrant and free spirit has earned her many titles in and around Asia. From intimate radio settings to large concerts, Syltra has done many shows both locally and internationally and has appeared on many various media platforms. Syltra is a well traveled musician with a wide repertoire of genres under her belt, from Evergreen tunes to Top 40s. She is well loved for her originals and covers that showcase reggae with a touch of world, soul and R&B. A spirited run at the title in season three of the Singapore Idol 3 competition earned her many fans and accolades. Syltra will be a guest vocalist within “Crosswinds”.