7 - 15 September 2019


11am - 7pm


The Substation Gallery


Free entry

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FADE is a visual arts exhibition that explores the past-present continuum through the shops at Bras Basah Complex.

Have the shops that moved out from Bras Basah Complex faded completely from our memories? Are the ones selling curios from bygone years starting to fade from relevance? Will the newer shops be there to stay or are they merely a fad?

From fad to fade, FADE captures the story of Bras Basah Complex by means of drawings, words and photographs. It reveals precious memories that have been gradually lost to time, and those that have become irrevocably rooted in Singapore’s cultural heritage, shared experiences and unique identity.

About The Team

Ms Zhang Jingchao

Curatorial Consultant:
Tang Ling-Nah

Marketing and Publicity:
Ms Janice Low


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