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18 SEP
Fri: 8pm | Sat: 3pm, 8pm | Sun: 3pm
Aliwal Arts Centre

“re:act” provides a platform where SMU actors breathe new life into a well-loved Singapore production. "People", written by Singaporean playwright Joel Tan, follows 14 characters coping with loss, life and defeat, and the lengths in which they would go to create human connections, in a bid to salvage flagging relationships. Through their stories, we learn how loss could results in new perspective and opportunity. Directed by acclaimed Singapore theatremaker Eleanor Tan.

NOTE: Explicit language and mature content is present in the show. Please be advised.


The play composed of vignettes, each revolving around a character or set of characters.


  • Susan. Singapore. A nurse
  • Hock. New York. Fresh out of National Service
  • Nicholas. Singapore. A priest
  • Francis. Singapore. A handphone shop attendant
  • Lily. Singapore. A professor of English
  • Denise. Singapore/Tokyo. Civil servant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Kong. Singapore. DENISE’s father. A taxi driver
  • Alex. Singapore/Tokyo. Assistant manager at Goldman Sachs, Tokyo
  • Regina. Singapore. Retail associate at Uniqlo. ALEX’s girlfriend
  • Akiko. Tokyo. Janitor at the Goldman Sachs building, Tokyo
  • Natalie. Singapore. A library executive
  • Valerie. Singapore/New York. Natalie’s sister. A marketing manager.
  • Jeremy. New York. Valerie’s fiancée, a podiatrist
  • Peter. New York. A homeless person.





Eleanor Tan

Eleanor’s career spans the realms of theatre, opera, television and music. Since 2000, she has worked steadily as an actor, director, scriptwriter and educator, collaborating with established Singaporean companies such as W!LD Rice, The Necessary Stage, Theatreworks, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Teater Ekamatra and L’arietta Productions. People will be Eleanor’s second collaboration with the Singapore Management University, after directing VOIX’s Singa-Pella in 2019.





Student Production Team

Back Row from Left to Right: Uma Maheswary Suntheram, Shannon Law, Rachael Ang, Tong My Linh, Muhammad Nur Izeyar Bin Yazid
Middle Row from Left to Right: Ariel Ong, Le Ngoc My, Erina Hazira Bte Suhaimi, Rachel Han, Gabrielle Ong
Front Row from Left to Right: Sebin Chin, Sasthaa Gingee Babu Uday, Noelle Diong


Production Team

Japheth Ng

Stage Manager
Cindy Sng

Lighting Designer
Dorothy Sng

Set Designer
Tai Zi Feng

Production House
AUX Media


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