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Festival Director Message

Every ending is a new beginning. What comes after, the POST-, challenges us to embrace the unknown, explore uncharted territories, and shape a future that may surpass our wildest imaginations.

2023 will be remembered as the year when we face the dawn of AI - some suggest this is the beginning of a post-human era. At the same time, we navigate the dusk of Covid as the world settles in a new normalcy, post-pandemic. Against this backdrop, we proudly present this year’s SMU Arts Festival with the theme of POST. This edition is special too because for the first time, we are thrilled to co-create with several precinct partners.

Firstly, to respond to the impact of generative AI on art and life, we invite our post-millennial student artists from both SMU and NAFA’s School of Design & Media to reflect on their hopes and fears for the world in a multi-disciplinary arts exhibition ‘Me, Myself and AI.’ Then, in an original post-modern dance production 'Beyond Human', SMU dancers collaborated with students of LASALLE’s Fashion Design and Textiles Programme to explore the essence of humanity amidst the presence of artificial intelligence.

Secondly, to acknowledge how digital technology has increasingly shaped our interpersonal interactions after the Covid years, our theatre production 'Love & Information’ examines the complexities of navigating love, connection and truth in an information-inundated and post-truth world.

We also have ‘The Social Post’, a series of showcases on SMU Campus Green in an exciting inaugural collaboration with the Singapore Night Festival (SNF). Expanding on SNF’s theme of “Singapore, The Great Port City”, these showcases bring together diverse performers and inspirations from on/off-line spaces. The performances will feature 7 of our top SMU clubs and guest performers from neighbour institutions SOTA, NAFA and LASALLE. 'POST,' in this context, embodies a gathering point—a space where ideas, art forms, and perspectives converge.

To round up the programming, we pay homage to the past and look forward to the future! 'MMRS' is our all-alumni street dance production that explores the pursuit of passion amidst fleeting youth, fuelled by memories to navigate life, post-graduation. 'Post Script' is a voice personality contest that seeks to discover the next generation of emcees who will become the focal point of future community events.

On behalf of SMU, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our precinct partners, industry mentors, creative directors, music directors, choreographers and coaches for coming on this ride to explore POST with our students.

And to you, our audience, we hope these programmes will provoke contemplation and evoke emotions, as we foster connections through creativity and embrace our ever-changing world.

Warmest wishes,

Seah Wee Thye
Head, Arts & Creative Experience
Office of Student Life